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Let’s do some simple math. $1,000,000/365 days in a year = $2739.72 every 24 hours. That means you need to earn $114 every hour of the day, 365 days each year. Now let’s scale this. How many sales does it take you to get to $2739.72? Let’s say you sell cars and your average payout is $400/sale. You need to make 7 car deals every day you work.
If you’re a loan officer this means you need to close roughly one deal every day. For Realtor’s this is one deal every 3 days. For insurance agents it’s about 2 homeowners policies per day. It’s not as much as you think. It’s just a matter of breaking the math down and getting clear about hitting goals.
To most, a million dollars is simply some grandiose number that they dream of. They dream about it and talk about it, but most have never even taken the time to do the above math, as simple as it was. Those that have earned a million, have done the math, got clear about the numbers and focused on hitting them.
Now you may say “John, you can’t sell 7 cars in one day the most is 3, and that’s a lot” and again, I say bullshit. The dealer that owns the place you work at sells seven and even 20 in a day. You sell 3 per day long enough and you’ll own the place. You’ve got to quit thinking small.
You can leverage a team of people to hit your goal too. Sometimes it’s better to make a little of a lot of people than a lot from self sustaining efforts. If you have a team in place, simply scale your goal accordingly and hit the goal. Making a million dollars in 12 months doesn’t have to be complicated or hard.
It’s as simple as setting a goal, getting clear on the outcome and working to make it happen.
The first step to making a million a year is to map out the plan. What are you gonna sell, how many do you need to sell and what kind of help do you need to hit those numbers. Once you get that math down, DO NOT relent until you’ve got what you want. Trust me, the second million is way easier.
The key to earning a million is to earn it. You can’t quit if you don’t get it year one, two or three. Sure, there’s some folks who hit it overnight, but let’s both agree you and I are not that lucky. We gotta work for ours. When it looks like you’ll never make it, push that much harder. When you think it’s time to quit, sharpen your sword and swing harder.
There’s nothing different than you and any other person making a million a year in your industry. They just did the work. If you want an even faster way to get there, copy the people who’ve already done it and do it faster. The only reason you’re not making 7 figures a year right now is you. Your thinking and fears are the only things holding you back. It’s time you Break Free!
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